Green Cuisine,

An International Celebration.

Edited by Rosalind L M J Wilson, on behalf of

The St Christopher Club.

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This vegetarian cookbook is available by mail order or from the school office. To order your own copy, see below.

One of the distinctive features of St Christopher School, Letchworth is that its diet was from the start entirely vegetarian, and it remains so today. The school was started by Theosophists, and the vegetarian diet was the result of the influence of Indian thought and culture, but although the Theosophical Educational Trust sold the school after only fifteen years of its existence, the vegetarian tradition has been continued during the successive headships of Lyn Harris and Nicholas King Harris, and the present head, Colin Reid.

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Green Cuisine is a cookbook of over 140 recipes from around the world, most collected from former pupils and staff of the school. Spain, Tanzania, Bermuda, Scandanavia and South East Asia have their own sections, as does Rajasthan, India. The school has links with Rajasthan and parties of older pupils go out to this desert province several times a year both to learn and, we hope to help: they are at present funding and supporting a creche in a rural area there. On one visit a number of people were asked to watch the cooking being done and to take careful notes, so we can be sure that our Rajasthan recipes reflect the authentic cuisine of the region.

Rajasthan recipes include Chappatis, paratha, various versions of dahl, bati, raitha, sabjee, pakoras, halva, lassi, chutney and pickle; Scandinavian recipes include betasuppe, raggmunk, shillingsboller, Galop Kringle, and kumminbullar; Bermudan recipes include cassava bread, Portugese biscuits, rum swizzle and rum punch, banana bread; UK recipes include Leicester pie, Julie's whiskey cake, Green's red pie, Wicked stepmother salad, Irish soda bread, vegetarian nut roast, and an alcoholic chocolate mousse recipe that will satisfy even the most discerning chocophile. The South East Asian section offers vegetable satay, pineapple coconut curry, lecheflan, mango ice-cream, cous cous salad, and, for those who wish to be adventurous, complete and detailed instructions for preparing Korean stewed bracken, including how to select and pick the bracken. If you have ever wanted to know how to cook Czech plum dumplings, our Czech old scholars will tell you in this book.

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How to order Green Cuisine.

Green Cuisine is published for members of The St Christopher Club, but is also available to the general public. To order your copy of Green Cuisine (160 pp. plus 16 colour plates) send 6.00 (GBP 6.00) plus postage and packing (see below) to The St Christopher Club, c/o St Christopher School, Barrington Road, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 3JZ, United Kingdom.

Postage is 3.00 (GBP 3.00) within the UK, 5.00 (GBP 5.00) Europe and 8.00 (GBP 8.00) to countries outside Europe. Please make cheques payable to The St Christopher Club.

Please pay in pounds sterling if possible. If sending a cheque in any other currency please add on 5.00 (GBP 5.00), which is unfortunately the sum our bank charges us for changing any foreign cheque. If you cannot pay in pounds sterling it will be far more cost effective to email the club first and ask us to email you a Paypal invoice which you can then pay online using your credit card. Paypal's charges are much more reasonable and are absorbed by the club.

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