The Swimming Pool Project

There had been some excavation towards the building of a swimming pool before the war - we told the story of Nicholas King-Harris' swim under the ice in the winter of 1940-1 in a Club newsletter some while ago.  However the school's ambition to build its own pool was only finally realised during the early 1960s. We featured the pool project in the Spring 98 Club Newsletter, and hope the following photographs will interest people who were involved.

For those who would like more detailed information we reproduce the contents of a pamplet "Building a swimming pool, the record of an achievement", which the school produced shortly afterwards.

Concrete delivery

There were holiday "work camps" and much term-time activity. Use was made of the ability to drum up plenty of volunteer labour, for such tasks as brick passing:

Brick passing

Early use of the springboard

Nicholas King Harris, Head, and the driving force behind the pool project.

The swimming pool has recently been rebuilt. The diving board erected in the 1970s has been knocked down and the tank reduced in size. It is now covered and heated for all year use.

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