Photograph album believed to have been compiled by Isobel King.

In the school's archive there is a photograph album with the initials I.B.K. in gold lettering on the cover. From the lists of people in these photographs it can be dated to the academic year 1924-5. There are photographs of the eighteen companies in the school, each with the signatures of the members of the company. A further two photographs show the Montessori groups, and there are photographs of the school officials and of the staff.

In case there are any people reading this who are not Old Scholars of St Christopher School, the word "company" needs some immediate explanation. In other schools it would be called a tutor group, or something of that kind. Companies have been structured in many different ways over the years, but consist of a group of pupils and a member of staff known as an adviser. For many years six-groupers (sixth formers) have acted as sub-advisers to junior companies, assisting and deputising for the adviser, although this was not in place in 1925. The origin of the term "company" is not known, but the military overtones of the word would be very far from what was intended.

At the time these photographs were taken some of the companies had names that sound rather twee to modern ears. Each company also adopted a virtue at which to aim, and a "patron" or hero. Companies met each morning before lessons began.

NB The original photographs are rather small, thus the quality is not first rate.
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On this page there are photographs of officials and a staff group.
There are also photographs of eleven Senior School companies,
of six Junior School companies.
and two Montessori groups.

Group of officials with Isabel King
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Photograph of officials
Photograph of Matric and Post Matric pupils Group of Matriculation and Post Matriculation pupils
(the equivalent of the sixth form today)
together with Isabel King
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Photograph of the staff
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Photograph of staff

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