Subscription Payments Online

You can now pay your subscription via Paypal.

If you are not already a member of Paypal, it takes only a short while to join. When you click one of the Paypal buttons below you will either be asked for your existing username and password, or you will be invited to give your credit card details and join.

Paypal has many advantages, particularly for overseas members:

  • You can pay in your local currency but we receive the subscription in pounds sterling.
  • Your credit card details are taken care of via Paypal's secure server, with the information encrypted for transmission via the internet.
  • Only paypal see your credit card details. The club receives the money into its account, but we don't see any details of your transaction with Paypal.
  • Paypal is the leading organisation for sending small sums of money via the internet.
  • An account with Paypal is also the most convenient way to pay on many other sites, such as Ebay.

In order to minimise Paypal's charges to us, which are proportionately larger for very small sums, we ask that you pay ahead for either two or five years' subscription if paying by Paypal.

Please note that you have to be a former pupil or member of staff of St Christopher School, Letchworth to receive our newsletters. Payments from other people will be regarded as charitable donations.

Please follow the instructions below.

First decide whether you would like to pay for two years' of newsletters [GBP 20.00] or for five years [GBP 50.00].

Click on the appropriate payment button below and you will be taken directly to Paypal's website.

Paypal will give us the address you have registered with them, and this is the address we will mail the newsletters to unless you tell us otherwise.

If you are a new subscriber it would be particularly helpful if you could also send an e-mail to

club email address

giving us your full postal address and telling us you have subscribed via the website.

For a two year subscription (GBP 20.00):

For a five year subscription (GBP 50.00):

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