Subscribing to our newsletters.

The club sends two newsletters a year to subscribers, one in the autumn and one in the spring. The term newsletter is a bit misleading - these are booklets of around 40 pages. They include accounts of what is happening at the school, and news sent in to us from old scholars around the world.

The subscription, to cover the costs of printing and postage, is 10 (GBP 10) per year. For simplicity, we have the same subscription for everyone, but are happy to mail to anywhere in the world.

If you are not already a subscribing old scholar, or former staff member, and would like to be, please send a cheque for 10 to The St Christopher Club, c/o St Christopher School, Barrington Road, Letchworth Garden City, Herts., SG6 3JZ. Alternatively, please contact us for a subscription form you can use to set up a standing order with your bank. Overseas old scholars, please see below.

You can now pay your St Christopher Club subscription online via Paypal.   Find out more.

We occasionally mail to non-subscribers, so please keep us up to date with your current address even if you don't send a subscription. But we can only afford to mail to non-subscribers very occasionally. To ensure you are kept up to date, please subscribe. At only 10 (GBP 10) a year we must be the cheapest alumni organisation in the country.

Front cover of newsletter no 45.

Overseas subscriptions.

The subscription is the same - 10 (GBP 10) per year. Please pay in pounds if you possibly can. Our bank charges us a flat fee of 6 (GBP 6) to cash any foreign cheque, so to pay a year's subscription using a dollar cheque would mean you would have to send the dollar equivalent of 16 (GBP 16). There are various solutions available if you do not have a bank account in pounds sterling:

  • Pay for several years ahead. If you subscribe for the next five years (GBP 50), adding an extra GBP 6 to cover our bank fee is not too onerous. So pay the dollar equivalent of GBP 56 for five years' subscription. We will then remind you when it has run out.
  • Maybe you have a friend in the UK who can send us a cheque on your behalf.
  • Send us cash. We can change small amounts in dollars or euros without incurring charges. (N.B. Only pounds, dollars, or euros in cash, please.)
  • Pay online using Paypal - the easiest option.   Find out more.

Unfortunately we are unable to deal with credit or debit cards - far too expensive to set up for our small size of organisation.

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